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Grow Castle

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Game information

Game title: Grow Castle

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

Grow Castle is a really insane game with funny characters and addictive gameplay. One of the main highlights is the original style of graphics. The game’s process is very simple – you need to gather the troops on a tower and prevent enemies from destroying it. Waves of enemies will attack the tower – withhold as long as you can. It is getting more challenging and challenging to hold your positions and with every new wave the level of difficulty increases. The main in-game currency is gold that is hard to gain. In addition, experience points will be given for all successful tries. At the end of each level you can buy new weapons, discover unique characters and learn new skills. Before the start of the fight, you will be able to place the troop’s units in different places on the  map – carefully study the landscape and effectively use all your available resources.