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Game information

Game title: GTA V

Category: GTA 5
Game description:

The game immerses the player in a world of crime. He begins his journey as a simple man who wants to climb to the top of the criminal world. At the very beginning of the game, the player can choose the appearance of their character, their gender, and even their pedigree. After that, the game begins. The game tells the story of a criminal town and the main character needs to find their way in this place. There are several playable characters in the game – each of them can be picked up anytime. Additionally, some missions require one particular character. All characters have their special abilities, like slowing downtime while riding a motorcycle or shooting at enemies, or going into a rage during combat. The characters also have some skills that help them to do missions faster. As heroes complete tasks, their skills will grow and develop. For example, their reaction speed or stamina will increase. If a character rides a lot in a vehicle, his driving score will increase. It is also important that it can increase only one character, the rest have no such function. To increase the level of special abilities, the player must meet the appropriate requirements. For example, it is necessary to drive at high speed, eliminate the enemy in close combat or kill the enemy with a headshot. This allows one to further slow downtime when the character is shooting, which makes it easier to aim. Thus, each character remains unique and necessary in its own way. The main abilities in the game are stamina, shooting, strength, stealth, flight, driving, and lung volume. As was mentioned before, the town is full of criminal squads and the player has to build their life in this place. The player will get the missions from the criminals – to steal something, kidnap someone, and so on. Each successful mission will get some points and advantages that will help them to move forward. The player slowly increases their capital and can afford to buy clothes, cars, motorcycles, and apartments. If the player often breaks the law, such as stealing cars, he may be chased by the police. One can get a total of 5 search stars in the game. The number of stars determines how many police and military officers will search for the player. Each character has its own set of missions, which one can pass in any order. The characters can also do sports or yoga. The fact is that during missions, their health level drops and can be restored by going to the gym or yoga studio between missions.