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Hello Guest Update

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Game information

Game title: Hello Guest Update

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

One of the creepiest games of the last decade is at your disposal. Another horror filled with nasty surprises and unexpected attacks of a monster that is hiding in the darkness. Meet him – his name is Guest and he is here for your soul. You will play for a man doomed to meet the monster while being at work. He works as a guardsman at an old park of attractions that has been broken and abandoned. The work was always simple – everything you need to do before was patrolling the territory to make sure that nobody sneaks here. These were youngsters or vandals, a bit anxious, but not blood-chilling, right? However, this time, everything is much more complicated.
The risk for your life and health (including your mental state) grows this night. You are going to meet Guest, a mysterious and strange creature that comes straight from hell. Guest is here and he is pretty cruel – he will definitely kill you if you allow him to approach too close. Hide from the monsters and do your best not to visit the places where there is no light – he likes such spots and feels comfortable when it is dark. Remember that the night Guest is very smart – he can analyze your behavior and predict your further actions, so learn to be creative and change your decisions if you don’t want to die too fast.