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Hello Neighbor 2 Hello Guest

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Game information

Game title: Hello Neighbor 2 Hello Guest

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

The second part of Hello Neighbor is already here! Are you ready to stand against a horrible and crazy neighbor one more time? It seems like he is back! Crime is his passion because he is a maniac. However, as we know from films about killers, they are never born that way. Most of murderers and kidnappers have some kind of a traumatic experience that made them that cruel and inhumane. And now you have a perfect chance to dive into the story of your awful neighbor, a person that (as you already know) kidnaps people and tortures them to death. His main victims are young children. From the second part of the game, you will learn a story of this beast living next door.

He used to have a family: a wife and a couple of nice kids. However, a horrible tragedy happens to them all. His family is dramatically ruined and now he is aggressive towards the whole world that is guilty for his unhappiness. You are here to break this series of crimes, so enter the house of your neighbor, make sure that he really is a maniac and try to solve the problem, punishing him and bringing the peace back to town. You are the only witness of his crimes, so this is the only hope of the locals. Do your best and try not to get caught by the neighbor!