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Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

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Game information

Game title: Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 a much-awaited detective game, has just received its fourth alpha. So far, there are no details available about the latest release. We can only suppose that our capabilities have become even wider and the game is now even closer to its final look. The highly popular stealth horror will confront the player with quite a grim persona living next door. Suspecting that his sociopathic neighbor might be a serial killer hiding piles of dissected corpses in his tightly sealed basement, your hero risks paying an uninvited visit to the antagonist’s house and finding out what’s going on around here.

Surely, the neighbor isn’t willing to give away all his evil secrets that easily. He will chase you all over the place benefiting from every false move you make and, what’s even worse, he will remember where he saw you last time and what were you doing then. Next time, he’ll use it against you, make no mistake! The game ends when the neighbor catches you, but you have an unlimited number of attempts to fulfill your plan, with the only hitch being your neighbor’s incredible memory. Don’t let him get near you and stay away for as long as possible to increase your chances for success!