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Hello Neighbor Beta 1

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Game information

Game title: Hello Neighbor Beta 1

Category: Hello Neighbor
Game description:

Have you been following the news on widely awaited Hello Neighbor releases? Today we are proud to introduce you the first beta of this amazing horror stealth game! The plot will take you to a quiet sleepy town where everyone seems to know each other and nothing bad can happen. However, something is definitely brewing up under the roof of a usual house located just next to yours… Sometimes it’s so hard to trace an extraordinary personality and figure out what secrets are being hidden under the socially acceptable mask. This is exactly what happened to our hero who just moved into a new home and tried his best to make friends with the neighbor. However, he didn’t succeed in it. The big gloomy man with a threatening face expression and old-fashioned mustache  keeps rejecting your friendship. He acts kind of weird. You never see him around other people. That mysterious character always keeps to himself spending most of the time inside his house and doing something very secret. Sometimes you hear strange noises from his manor and once you saw the neighbor boarding up his basement door. What can he possibly be hiding there? You intend to find out.

For that, you’ll have to sneak into your neighbor’s home and carefully explore every location to find the answers. It’s highly important to come up with the right sequence of moves and prevent your opponent from discovering your presence. If he sees you lurking around, he’ll remember that and next time you are going to get into a trap! Stay on the alert, be inventive and think of your own tricks to outsmart your neighbor and reveal his secrets.