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Hollow Knight

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Game information

Game title: Hollow Knight

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Hollow Knight is a beautiful, dynamic, and incredibly interesting title, where will surely get lost in the underground world of Hallownest. In this 2D adventure, you will have to explore thousands of paths and locations, revealing numerous secrets and creating your own story. It is a very rich game, where you have freedom of action and tons of content to discover. You can choose any way to follow and you will certainly find new items, enemies, and puzzles there. In addition to a great deal of exploration options, there is also an incredible atmosphere supported by artwork and soundtrack. The developers took a very serious approach to the visual elements and the levels flourish with details. Every element of the game connects to all the others and together they create a large and lively picture that feels like a fairy-tale that came to life.

There are many locations present on the map – Fungal Wastes, Greenpath, Forgotten Crossroads, Fog Canyon, and more. Each place is completely unique and different from the other areas. Sometimes, passing from one place to another, you will be amazed by the contrast. Some places are green and bright, while the others are cold and gloomy, still other bring you under the water or inside of a cave. Still, each of them is incredible and thought-out. For instance, the enemies you are going to meet on every area will correspond to the environment out there – when you are in the depth of the ocean, you will have to fight with jellyfish and other underwater creatures. The central location is the City of Tear or Hallownest, a large town, when the rain never stops. The places are connected to each other in an unobvious way, so you will have to explore this world yourself and enjoy it.