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Jumanji Epic Run

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Game information

Game title: Jumanji Epic Run

Category: Android Games
Game description:

Fans of the amazing movie about a magical game that sucks in everyone who plays it will be happy to experience another portion of adventures with the participation of their favorite heroes! There is a new challenge for you to face – finding and returning the Sacred Falcon Stone. You’ll have to explore a vast number of locations and go through a good deal of trials on your way. Climb up mountain slopes, run away from the howling predators, jump from deadly waterfalls, dodge the avalanches and kill everyone who dares crossing your path! There are many animals you can meet in this game and all of them are equally dangerous to you. Jaguars and rhinos, wild monkeys and hungry birds… Keep your eyes peeled to avoid danger when it’s still possible! You’ll get access to four different modes that offer unique gameplay mechanics. You can also choose any of the characters. Each of them has unique skills that will come in handy in critical situations. You’ll be thrilled to uncover new beautiful territories, including jungle, mountains and desert. Overcome all the obstacles, defeat giant beasts and don’t forget to collect boosts that you’ll see on your way. You unleashed a disastrous power and now it’s up to you to put it back into Jumanji! Can you cope with this mission?