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Katamary Damacy 2

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Game information

Game title: Katamary Damacy 2

Category: Skill
Game description:

One of the strangest, cutest, and funniest titles surely is Katamary Damacy. Now the game developers please you and other fans with a super remake of this title. The adventures of a Space Prince are now in the HD quality, so detailed and bright that your eyes will get a real delight when you will launch it. Take a seat, relax, free your brain! No worries of routine will bother your mind when immersing yourself into magical world of incredibly nice & amicably silly characters. Give yourself some time to practice, because rolling a magical ball won’t be that easy, if you are new to this game. The controls are not so simple, but you will get used fast, run it smoothly and stop focusing on your every move.