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Kick the Buddy: Forever

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Game information

Game title: Kick the Buddy: Forever

Game description:

People need to get rid of stress somehow. Someone prefers to visit a rifle range, the other one has a punching bag hanging in his room… Still others just cannot do without beating someone’s face. Don’t let the aggression you feel break away and flood the real world – pour it into the digital one! Here is a perfect game for those who are tired, stressed and super-annoyed – Kick the Body Forever. The game developers did their best to create the most silly-looking stuffed guy to let your anger find the most appropriate way. Look at Buddy: he is smiling at you and waiting for some kick. Want to tear his legs off? You are welcome. Want to poison him with chemical essences? Here you go. Want to shoot him until your gun is absolutely clear? Do it. You can explode, slaughter, boil, tear up, stab and do anything else you may want. The whole range of various weapons is at your service. This part of the series has an upgraded artwork, much more sophisticated and good-looking than the previous ones. Also, you will see some new weapons and environments. Get ready for the funniest torturing you can imagine: Kick the Buddy is available for free right on this web-page.