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Kick the Buddy

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Game information

Game title: Kick the Buddy

Category: Kick the Buddy
Game description:

Here is a funny guy, your Buddy. What you usually do with Buddies, that look like that? Well, we bet that when you will see his smiling face, your very first desire might be… throwing a watermelon in it? Good idea! By the way, there are so many other things you can throw in him. Check a range of weapons, and don’t forget to try the most killing one – atomic bomb. Dress your Buddy the way you want and interact with him (the experiments and actions are limited to your own imagination, so do your best). You can roast him in any way: tear his arms and legs off, fire a pistol, throw an axe, explode, and poison Buddy endlessly. Torturing is not good, but forget about it at least while your play this title. Here, torturing is so much fun and what is more – it brings you bonus scores! What is more, the graphics here looks pretty nice. You will see numerous colorful backgrounds, well-drawn weapons, and other unique elements that are more than eye-pleasing. This game makes violence a comedy and this is exactly something you need from time to time have a good switch off after a hard day. Show no mercy to Buddy, my friend! It’s okay if you overdo a bit and he dies. He will come back soon for more suffering! Enjoy the game right here, it’s free of charge.