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Krampus is Home

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Game information

Game title: Krampus is Home

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Game description:

Krampus is a mythological creature of European folklore. He is like an opposite to Santa Claus. While Santa gives presents to children as a reward for their good behavior, Krampus is the one, who punished nasty children. It seems like you are a child, who have been misbehaving very seriously, because now Krampus is literally going to kill you! This title is a survival horror, where you have to save your life, trying to escape from monstrous creatures. These creatures are very strange and absolutely unpredictable, so you will definitely have hard times when trying to deal with them. However, this game has something more than just a survival mode to offer.

Here you will also find a storytelling mode, which is a completely different experience than survival. You are going to play this title from a first-person perspective. The levels here are pretty difficult and chances are that you will have to stuck on some of them from time to time. The actions and events will be mixed in a strange manner, which will give a sense of real horror. The developers did a really good job to create amazing video effects that remind of cinematic frames. The storytelling mode features interesting plot and large map with many locations. By the way, your enemies are controlled by artificial intelligence, so these are no longer stupid and predictable bots. They will change their behavior patterns and learn your own, so it’s going to be very uneasy to trick them and defeat them. What is more, get prepared that there are many jump scares in this game! Beware of the monsters!