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Little Battlers Experience Puzzle

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Game information

Game title: Little Battlers Experience Puzzle

Category: Kids Games
Game description:

What can be better than having your own robot? Even if it’s as big as your own hand. Especially if you can fully customize it according to your needs and preferences! For us, it is still only an imaginable future. But the hero of the LBX series discovered the perks of high-end technologies for real. Now he collects and builds his own mini-robots and sets them up for a fight with other LBXs. It’s cool and fun! But you will likely agree that fighting all the time is kind of tiring. Why don’t you take a little break and try to solve a puzzle for a change? Put the mixed fragments back into a scene from Little Battlers Experience and enjoy the full image! This is a great way to relax and give your brain a light workout with LBX Puzzle!