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Little Misfortune 2

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Game information

Game title: Little Misfortune 2

Category: 1 Player
Game description:

Ready for a mysterious adventure? Great! If you are looking at this game right now, you must be familiar with the famous Fran Bow title, where you have to play for a miserable little girl in a gloomy world, where nothing goes right. This game is a part of the same universe, however, it tells a completely different story and features another character. Luckily, this time everything is less gloomy and the main character of Little Misfortune is a lively and even cunning little girl. Of course, some bad luck is waiting for her as well, because this seems to be the developers’ carte de visite. This title is an adventure with a highly interactive world, so you will be able to communicate with almost every object and creature you meet on your way. Oftentimes, you will have to make complicated decisions in very unusual situations, where nothing will seem obvious to you. However, the great freedom of actions leaves some room for mischief and even a small crime. In fact, very soon you will realize that there is no such thing as “right” decisions at all.

Little Misfortune is leaded by Mr. Voice, a creature that is calling her to go to the forests. She cannot resist a temptation like that! But forest is not the only dangerous place Misfortune will go to. You will have to follow her, when she takes a shovel and goes to a cat graveyard. Why does she go there and what is she trying to do? You’ll see! Talking about pets, you will have a chance to get one and your adventure will become even more enjoyable. You will meet many creatures on your way and they will be very different. They will treat you differently as well. So make sure that you find an approach to them.