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Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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Game information

Game title: Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Category: Simulation
Game description:

You cast a glance at the control panel, give full throttle and smoothly pull the handle. The sensitive Extra obediently lifts up its nose (as usual, pressing you into the chair), and the earth goes down, under its short wings. For a few seconds, you see only the blue Mediterranean sky. Then the horizon appears and quickly approaches somewhere form above. You pick up the gas, and the plane, coming out of a loop, flies vertically down. You catch a glimpse of Sicilian fields, cypresses and looming tiled roofs right in front of you. The “Extra” levels out, you throw it on the wing and enjoy the sight of the flawless synthesized landscape. Land has never been so beautiful as in Microsoft Flight Simulator X!

Better design, more details!

So what changes have been made to ensure the degree of realism like that? To begin with, the ground texture resolution has increased from five meters in the previous game to one meter (which is truly exceptional clarity). The resolution of the relief has also increased by an order of magnitude. The redesigned Autogen fills landscapes with vegetation, houses, roadside lamps, power towers and other meaningful three-dimensional objects exceptionally densely and very competently. For the first time in history, there is a full-fledged forest under the wing of an aircraft.

Realistic piloting and airports!

Other aspects are just as impressive. Birds have nested in the sky, cars have cut through the roads, and official equipment at airports is busily rolling back and forth. Not just packing the scenery, but actually filling the planes with fuel and luggage and pushing them out of the parking lot towards the runway. Airplanes in the sky, cars on the ground, yachts and cargo ships at sea are all traces of human activity. Only people themselves are not visible, except for the dummies in the cockpits of the aircraft. Perhaps they will be added later in future updates? Let’s hope so! But for now you can enjoy some amazing emotions playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X and feeling like a true pilot!