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Minecraft Earth Mobile

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Game information

Game title: Minecraft Earth Mobile

Category: Minecraft
Game description:

Although the new AR version of Minecraft is an adaptation of the traditional game and almost everything here will be familiar to those who have been playing Minecraft for a long time, it surely is an absolutely new experience. All the creatures of the old game will be available in augmented reality, as well as flowing water, flowing sand and so on. However, players will have a chance to take an absolutely different angle on the playing process and the creations they make. At least, they will be viewable from all sides with incredibly well-done details. While habitual Minecraft allows players to choose between “survival” (the player must extract resources to survive, otherwise he will die) and “creativity” (building constructions with unlimited resources), Minecraft Earth mixed these two modes into one.

You will go to the real world and collect digital things there. There will always be two resource points not far from you, but you will need to take a walk to find more. New resources will allow players to receive small rewards for building, and the more they collect – the more resources and items one will receive. Minecraft doesn’t lose popularity and it seems that it will not! So call your buddies and try the brand new title together – the open world full of adventures is waiting for you!