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Mist Survival

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Game information

Game title: Mist Survival

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

An apocalyptic simulator Mist Survival was created by Rati Wattanakornprasit. A player finds himself in a world struck with a global disease and his mission is to pull through the difficulties, find provisions and a safe place to stay. In a word, everything you are going to do in Mist Survival is trying to save your life and escape all the hostilities of the post-apocalyptic city. From the very beginning, you have an immune resistance against the disease but the environment is no less dangerous, since there are various risks around, including criminals, wild life, and infection. You will organize an encampment and help other people to survive, too. Be attentive, because the heavy fog can appear at any moment, which will make things even more difficult, because diseased people will try to attack you. The infection causes mutations in their organisms and they are no longer human beings. They are prey to a disease, which makes them hunting players when the night falls or the fog becomes thick. The game is pretty complicated and tough, so make sure to back yourself up by the game tutorials and walkthroughs, since there are chances that you will get stuck oftentimes.