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Mr. Meat

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Game information

Game title: Mr. Meat

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

You never knew that one day your life will change to dramatically. Being just a regular guy, you have realized that something horrible happens in your neighborhood and decided that you need to act. This was a strange story about a butcher with a comical name Mr. Meat. He was working as a butcher for years and now he decided to… become a killer! The plot is pretty standard: there is an enemy, a crazy maniac, who is just a killing machine. No particular pre-history is revealed. You just meet and ugly and violent guy, who wants to torture and kill a poor and innocent victim – a young girl he has stolen. The girl sits somewhere in his house, she is really scared and ready for the worst. You are a hero in this story, the one, who has come to judge the criminals and make the madness stop. Thanks God, you have a weapon, so you take the guns and the journey begins. The game starts when you enter the butcher’s house. You look around and move forward. Every step and glance convinces you that you are in a house of a mentally ill person. The environment is spooky and strange, the mess is all around, it is dirty and unpleasant as possible. You start looking for a girl, who is waiting for the rescue.