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One Hand Clapping

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Game information

Game title: One Hand Clapping

Category: Games Girls
Game description:

We all love music, but some of us are more sensitive to it. If this is your case, then you often find yourself humming your favorite tune while doing something or beating the rhythm of a song with your foot. Then you’ll surely love One Hand Clapping, a new game that will give vent to your artistic side! You can unleash the power of your voice and see how it changes the world of the game mirroring the mood and melody of your song, even if it sounds rather unpretentious and not quite professional. This is an experience you can’t miss if you love art and most of all music!

One Hand Clapping will show you how just a few notes sung the right way can make the day brighter and reshape what you see around in a more beautiful manner. Moreover, you can use your vocal gift to make friends and fight dangers! That will come in handy in a hostile city if you aren’t afraid of the microphone and can strike the needed note. It’s not even necessary to burst into a full-throat sing. Melodic humming or whistling will do just fine. Even a simple sequence of chords will contribute to the growth and thriving of this little virtual universe. Use your mic and headphones to play One Hand Clapping from your mobile device and computer and you will see, or rather hear, how easy it is to make the world a better place if you put your heart and soul, and most importantly, your voice into it!