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Are you looking for the funniest title to play with your buddies this weekend? Congratulations, you have already found one. When it comes to .io games, you know that humor, style, and amazing gameplay is always guaranteed. This one is not an exception. You will surely fall in love with the characters designed in a very unique manner as well as the simple and clear concept of the entertainment. This time, you will fight against everyone present on the screen! Yes, you got it: this is a survival version of .io and it is just awesome! You will compete with others, trying to throw them from the arena. Just don’t get defeated yourself, since it is the main purpose here – staying alive. You can hang the wall not to fall down, when the enemy is already overcoming you. Also, try to set yourself free kicking out the hands of the opponent. As you know from previous titles of the same authors, .io entertainments are famous for having incredibly realistic movement. Just imagine how traditional .io physics can look like, when you are starting a fight for your life! And the best thing about it – it is free and can be played right here at any time, from any place.