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Planet Bomber

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Game information

Game title: Planet Bomber

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Many of us dreamed of flying into space and discovering new, distant worlds as kids. But we barely imagined how dangerous it might be. Now, having grown up, we know that extraterrestrials can also be hostile and highly threatening. Set out on a mission to expand the realm of earth rule and eliminate our space enemies! Explore the furthest corners of the galaxy, find new planets and make sure to destroy them if their dwellers don’t show any friendliness. You’ll have a vast supply of weapons at hand that you will be able to use to fulfill your mission. Gain points, unlock new abilities and upgrade available weapon types to make them more efficient. Each hostile planet will also be protected by powerful bosses. Use your arsenal wisely to run the landing according to the plan and deal with any resistance that you meet on the surface. The open space and its numbers planets are waiting for you! And nobody knows what to expect once your ship touches the uncharted ground…