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Pokemon Quest Android

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Game information

Game title: Pokemon Quest Android

Category: Kids Games
Game description:

If you always dreamed of getting yourself a virtual pet from the world of Pokemons, you now have this opportunity with a new online game! The project is similar to other Pokemon-inspired games – you need to gather all the characters and fill out the collection book. Pokemons can be obtained in two ways: by cooking certain food in the cauldron that will attract their attention of by meeting a Pokemon guest on your base once a day and add him to your collection without any additional actions. Pokemon Quest has no clear story, but the world of the game is divided into several regions with separate missions and you need to fight a particularly strong boss to complete any of them. The fight is performed by three Pokemons that you have to choose between all available creatures. You can upgrade their characteristics with special gems that increase their attack and health.