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Poly Bridge 2

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Game information

Game title: Poly Bridge 2

Category: Puzzle
Game description:

Have you ever thought of being an engineer? And what about… a bridge architect? Well, this game allows you to implement this desire in life. Poly Bridge 2 is a bridge-building entertainment where you project constructions and let the cars reach another bank of the river. The game features amazing mechanics (improved in the second part), physical engine, and numerous campaigns to take part in. Develop your skills and engineering headpiece! You will have to solve numerous issues and puzzles to make your constructions strong, stable, and long-standing. What is more, the latest part of the game has a cool background soundtrack created for it. The calming melody will help you relax and tune yourself. There are thirteen new songs to enjoy and the remixed versions of those you have already heard in the previous part. More than an hour of cool melodies on the acoustic guitar is a real pleasure and a perfect background for the engineering tasks. The game has more than just new melodies – you will find new features and mechanisms as well. For example, there is a spring here that allows you to jump high in the sky! Now your bridges will become more advanced and interesting to project. The second version of the game can boast of having a new physical engine optimized for bridge building perfectly. Thanks to the preciseness of that engine, the result of every simulation is the same for all players, which means that the competitive aspect of the game is present at its best! By the way, talking about the competitions. Enjoy the system of ratings and see your name on the top of it. Your successful bridges that don’t break and handle the transport. The honest ratings guarantee that you will easily track your results and get to know the successes of other builders!
Make your bridges the strongest! Place the dots on the screen following the allowed patterns and use a restricted number of moves. Make sure to plan your constructions ahead and don’t make mistakes – every small error can be fatal and cost you a victory! Have fun and build as much as you can! Enjoy the victories and compete with other players to prove that you are the most superior engineer ever!