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Pumpkin Panic

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Game information

Game title: Pumpkin Panic

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Pumpkin Panic is a mysterious adventurous game by Sinopilesos Studio, crossing it with a city builder and supplementing it with a rather nonlinear and unique storyline. The creators have set the action in a fictive world centered on an unusual mobile character who once sat on a large wooden stake in the center of a kitchen plot. Now the fate has bestowed a life on the scarecrow. Which life? It only depends on the choices you make. You can’t get accustomed to the pumpkin panic atmosphere – the designers have intentionally raised the level of horror and turned every false movement into a true curse. Besides rustling and weird noises, the protagonist has to pay attention to other chores – the beds are always the same, and the well is always blocked by something.