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Raft Chapter 2

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Game information

Game title: Raft Chapter 2

Category: Survival
Game description:

Are you ready to set out on another survival marine adventure playing Raft Chapter 2? The game begins when you find yourself in the middle of the ocean, on a meager raft and with a hook in hand. You are shipwrecked and the sole survivor. Your task is to stay a live. That is, build a safe shelter, not starve to death and protect yourself from the dangers of the ocean. The character has three indicators: thirst, hunger and health. So start worrying about replenishing these indicators as soon as possible. You need water to quench your thirst. Salt water, of course, won’t work- you have to build a filter and get fresh water. To eat, you need to catch a fish and cook it. All these problems can be solved by crafting. Actually, crafting in Raft Chapter 2 is the most important thing!

The main thing to remember is that nothing floating past you should be discarded. Absolutely everything is useful in the household. Wreckage, barrels, rubbish, seaweed and any other junk are all resources. Use the hook to drag them onto the raft and make different things out of them. The crafting system will help you build a whole house on the water, make weapons for protection, areas for growing fruits, nets for catching materials and everything else that you need for your comfortable survival.

It’s already clear that you must find a way to fight hunger and cold, but are there any other dangers in the game? Yes – the shark that thirsts for your blood. It always swims nearby, in the hope that you will forget about its existence and calmly dive under the water. Sometimes it even attacks your raft and takes a bite. But you can scare it away, for example, by raising a spear. And in general, showing enough vigilance, you can easily cope with this threat.

Sometimes the raft will sail past islands. You can explore them and collect some things for your crafting experiments. But don’t forget that your vessel can be carried away by the current, so make sure to use an anchor. By the way, you can also find many interesting and useful things under water. Diving is also fun by itself because you can enjoy the marvelous views of the ocean bottom. Just steer clear of the shark that is always around. Over time, you will fill your raft with all sorts of comforts that will allow you to lead a life just as good as on the earth surface. Enjoy new maps, things to craft and materials to use, hone your survival skills and improve your water home in Raft Chapter 2!