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Raft Survival Game

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Game information

Game title: Raft Survival Game

Category: Survival , 2 Player
Game description:

Are you seeking a quality and new survival game? Opt for the gameplay and concept offered by the new title in this genre – Raft Survival Game. You wake up floating on a small raft. Your possessions are limited by a plastic hook only. You alone or with a few real friend (multiplayer mode is supported) have to survive during an epic ocean adventure! Collect any garbage to craft necessary things for survival, expand your raft and be careful with the tough dangers of ocean surrounding you! Keep in mind that the resources are difficult to find. Players must always catch debris with a reliable rusty hook, and also collect the garbage near the reefs, under the water. Thirst and hunger, however, are not the only danger, watch out for a shark that constantly wants to eat you!