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Railway Traffic Rules

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Game information

Game title: Railway Traffic Rules

Game description:

You may think that the days of trains are over, but that’s not true. Even though more and more people travel by cars and buses, the railway remains one of the safest travel choices all over the world. After all, there is some inexplicable romance in it. You can make yourself comfortable with a book and enjoy the cozy rattling of the steel wheels and the scenery floating behind the window… But of course all this beauty is only for passengers. Train drivers have no time to look into the window. They need to pay attention to railway traffic rules and this game will allow you to learn them down to the last railroad sign. You are to assume the role of a railway engineer who handles the trains by clicking on square spots. To switch the tracks for the train, click on the blue square. Hope you’ll manage the train movement well and no train is late!