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Rapture Rejects

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Game information

Game title: Rapture Rejects

Category: Multiplayer
Game description:

An absolutely unique experience is waiting for you in the new Battle Royale title known as Rapture Rejects. Here you are not just fighting for your life in order to stay the last one on the arena. The story behind this title is marvelous: you are a witness of the last day of Earth, the Judge Day. However, it seems like there are too many sinners in the world and they are to suffer apocalyptic disaster and fight against each other. Those who are considered by God as good enough, will join Him in heaven. All the others have no choice but to prove their loyalty to the Lord and fight for their place near him. Sounds like a truly epic plot! By the way, there are so many witty jokes and humorous moments here, that the title truly succeeds at being one of the most exciting in the franchise.