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Rock of Ages 2

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Game information

Game title: Rock of Ages 2

Category: Strategy , Games 2017
Game description:

“Rock of Ages” video game was designed by American developers and is dedicated to tower protection racing.
Strategy of tower protection and a rolling sphere feature the game. Strike the castle of the enemy down the hill with a huge rocky boulder, different protective facilities will help you to save yourself. A wide range of hurdles will let you protect your way to the castle. They are animals, dynamite, constructions and mills. Grow fund farms to get necessary items. Take a rock and mangle it down the mound, avoid hurdles to strike the enemy castle.
Upgrade your rock with bonuses, such as armor or magma, which strenghten the rock’s protective and aggressive features. However, keep in mind they will fade away if the rock is sufficiently damaged. When the rock strikes the castle, or the enemy s rock is smashed after having damaged much, you ll have a little rest time before another rock can be got. You will be a winner when come into the castle and put your rock in the heart of the castle and kill the enemy.