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Rock of Ages 3

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Game information

Game title: Rock of Ages 3

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Tons of jokes, action, competition, and amazing creative opportunities are open for you in the amazing title inspired by the funniest show ever – Monty Payton. Here you have a chance to do so many entertaining things, including tower defense and attack, racing, level creation, and more. The game opens its large world filled with absurd jokes, historical heroes, works of art, and of course – huge rocks that can smash everything. Are you ready for a real tornado of fun and entertainment? Well, the time has come! The third part of Rock of Ages is already here, so wait no longer and jump in!
Well, the developers took care to provide you with more ways to have fun even though two previous parts of the game were pretty rich for opportunities. Now you can lead the army to the battle and compete with your buddy (or a pair of rivals, depends on your choice) in a thrilling tower defense entertainment. Also, you can check if you are the faster driver on this server and have fun in a racing competition. Yes, don’t be surprised – the game combines both tower defense and driving, but this is not all! Also, you are welcome to enter the creative mode, where you can use a simple and pretty multifunctional editor. This one will allow you to create various levels of the game with your own hands! And not only you can test them in action and see how great you are in the art of invention. In addition to that, you can invite your buddies or even random players from the server to have fun on the stages you have created yourself. Sounds really nice! So the opportunities expand and Rock of Ages becomes more and more amazing and rich with every new chapter. If you are a real fan of this cool franchise, don’t you forget to play all the episodes on this site and namely – pay your attention to the third one!