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Rock of Ages 4

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Game information

Game title: Rock of Ages 4

Category: Puzzle
Game description:

Behold, the funniest and most epic game of all times is here for you! And, guess what? We have already uploaded the freshest and hottest part of amazing Rock of Ages! This is the chapter number four, filled with crazy jokes, new locations, additional creative tools, and socialization opportunities. Are you ready to become a part of the most exciting, funny, and friendly community ever? This game welcomes you to check what it has to offer and you will see – the developers will never disappoint you.
So, all delicious and absolutely delightful features are waiting for you here. First of all, you will see your most favorite incredible gameplay that is combined of different types of games – riding, fighting, competing with your rivals in a team game, and more. Second, all of these games are richly flavored with humor in the style of Monty Payton – absurd, ridiculous, and witty as hell. Such a mixture won’t leave any geek indifferent and you won’t be an exclusion – guaranteed. The forth part includes even more tools that allow you to construct the game levels. Doing them, you will have a chance to enjoy your creations on your own and even better – share them with other players and get their feedback. Become a star of the Rock of Ages game! Even more cool stages (including those created by you and other members), add-ons, environments, jokes, and of course – artworks! This is your chance to ruin and build, to create and to break into the smallest pieces. Feel yourself like a god!