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Ronaldo: Soccer Clash

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Game information

Game title: Ronaldo: Soccer Clash

Category: Goalkeeper
Game description:

The story of one of the most successful footballers in the world, Ronaldo, is impressing. His first games took place on the streets of his native town. He made a long and complicated way from a streetwise booter to a real star. Millions of fans from all over the globe dream to be like he is. This is exactly what you can do in this official game about Ronaldo! You will experience the life of a stellar football player and go through the difficulties and victories just like he did. Other players will join you on the field, so you will compete with real people in a real time. The world cup is waiting for you, so prove that you are the one to get it. The game has a lot customizable features, including avatars and clothes for your character. The graphics is detailed and the animations look very natural. Also, the playing strategy won’t be easy to grasp from the first minutes and you will have to get used to it. The game can be played online, so you will meet hundreds of other fans on the server. Play in a team or arrange 1vs1 competitions. There are training fields for beginners, so make sure that you spend enough time learning new tricks and improving the old ones. There is no better way to become closer to your favorite player than to outlive his way to the highest gear.