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Sal Fisher

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Game information

Game title: Sal Fisher

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Game description:

The main character of Sally Face is Sally, a teenager with blue eyes and hair. He has to wear a covering mask on his face, which looks off to people around him. His hairstyle looks a bit girlish, since he makes two pigtails. Mostly he wears black and dark clothes: sweaters, jeans, and gumshoes. He has two earrings in both ears. He is not very tall in his teenage years, but he grows up significantly in the end of the game when becomes adult. Sal is a friendly and cute guy, always ready to help others with their problems. He is a good listener and an empath. Also, his character is strong and he can keep calm even when something stressful of frightening happens, which will soon become clear after you start playing. He sees ghosts, demons, and poltergeists, but doesn’t seem to be very anxious about that. There are suspicions that psychological traumas Sal used to experience had a negative influence on his mental health.