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Sally Face 2019

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Game information

Game title: Sally Face 2019

Category: Games 2019 , Sally Face
Game description:

As an author of Sally Face 2019 says, his first ideas about the character came to his mind in a distant 2006. In his blog, he reveals a secret of character’s mask and girlish outlook. His initial idea was to make a protagonist who wears a mask because he has a face of a girl supplied to him after an incident he suffered from. As we all understand, the girl must have been dead. The artwork as well as the world and the story were inspired by famous cartoons like Hey Arnold and Doug, however, the author decided to make a story creepier. First, the author and his friends decided to launch a cartoon, which had a large success among young audience. The indie-game appeared a couple of year later and the puzzle-solving adventure turned to be even a better idea than an Internet series.
The story consists of a couple of episodes that retell the stories from Sal’s life. As a player, you will find out a lot of facts and mysterious events that took part in his childhood and teenage years. The developers tried hard to let you experience Sal’s life, not just observe it, so you will have a chance to follow the protagonist everywhere and explore the darkest corners of his soul.