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Sally Face

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Game information

Game title: Sally Face

Game description:

Join Sally in his adventures full of mysteries, tragedies, horrible visions and dreams, and murders. The strongest part of this title surely is the narration. You find yourself as an adult protagonist, blamed for a horrible crime, but suspected to be insane. To explore your condition, the court commanded that you need to talk to a psychotherapist. Therefore, the entire process of the game is your own story about yourself, the events from the past, and their outcomes. You will see that Sal has a deal of dark points in his biography and sometimes they really seem to be a bit mad. When he was a child, he had a trauma that made his face look ugly, so now he needs to wear a prosthesis that reminds of a hockey mask. By the way, you won’t see him taking it off. The only person he shows his face to is a psychotherapist, because this is the place where all of his secrets and dark life episodes must go out on the surface.

Sally’s story begins with a tragic event – his mother dies. Dad takes him to another city, where he hopes a new life can start all over again. However, after they move into a new apartment, it turns out that they have appeared in a strange place, where the massacre took place. Sal is a nice fellow and he treats people around him with great kindness, being carrying and soft despite the fact that the events of the past could have made him cruel and cold. He is always ready to assist people and therefore begins solving puzzles to let the investigation move on.