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Santa Claus Stationary Letters

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Game information

Game title: Santa Claus Stationary Letters

Category: New Year Games
Game description:

As kids, we’ve always written letters to Santa asking to give us things we dreamed of. And how amazing it was to find a new toy under the Christmas tree in the morning! Now children have grown cynical, even at a very young age. They don’t believe in winter miracles so much. But you can change that! This awesome letter composer allows your little ones to write an email to the big kind dude in a red coat in no time. Tips will hint what to write next and how to make your letter sound more appealing to Santa. After all, he has thousands of gifts to deliver and you should be very convincing to make him read your message among the first! The app asks questions that will help you along the way. You should type in your name, age and mention whether you’re a boy or a girl. Then kids have to decide whether they have been nice or naughty this year. We were told by our parents that Santa doesn’t give presents to naughty children, but now we know that Santa is equally generous to everyone! Finally, the little ones are prompted to say what they want for Christmas. But the most amazing thing is that you can secretly read the letter afterwards using a safe passcode and find out what your kids dream of getting as a Christmas gift! Merry Christmas to your family!