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Category: .io Games
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All .io games fans are good at capturing territories, right? Now you have another title, where have to do exactly this – making the space belong to you and conquering as much of it as you can. However, this is not all. Just capturing the space of the screen would be too easy. To make things more interesting and challenging, the game will collide you with opponents, who are very fast and clever, so beware! You have to think a couple of steps forward to overcome them. Make sure that you don’t wimble into them or any other objects on the screen. You can hit their trails only and watch your own. They can catch you at any moment, so be very attentive. Think about ways to get territories while avoiding confrontations with enemies and keeping yourself safe. This will require fast and clear strategies, so be sure that you approach the process with attention. The artwork of .io entertainments is always minimalistic but extremely stylish and this title is the case, too. Check colorful levels, choose avatars and skins! There are so many options here, that you will surely want to try them all out. By the way, currently you can play vs computer and people from the online server, but the developers promise that player vs player mode is coming soon! So stay tuned!