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Stump Me

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Game information

Game title: Stump Me

Category: Puzzle
Game description:

Being a puzzle game fan, you surely know yourself as a smart person! Of course, you are, but how about a game that will make doubt about that? Are you ready for something that has a potential to blow your brain into the air? Well, then enjoy the game with a talking title – Stump Me! This one is something like a test for a genius – you are one or you are not! Are you ready to find out if you are the one? Well, then enter the game and don’t let it trick you! The quest for real creative intellectual ready to test their skills and think carefully, but outside the box, is something all of you, puzzle fans, have been looking for. This one is a truly addictive game where tasks and quizzes snow on your head, provoking you to develop new ideas and thinking patterns all the time. You can enjoy it on your own or call you buddies and join the communicative or competitive process of puzzle solving. Both options are equally great!
This game can be called a real brain teaser, because whenever you see an obvious solution of this or that task, be sure that it is not the best one and the game will provoke you to search for more complicated and interesting ideas to apply. Get ready to push your limits and train your creative, analytical, and logical thinking abilities.