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Sword With Sauce

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Game information

Game title: Sword With Sauce

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

If you like games that aren’t too realistic, then you will adore Sword with Sauce. Here you will become a super hero that is trying to get through the territory that is patrolled by enemies. Well, that will be not that easy to do, because they are skilled enough, but you are even better. There are two ways that allow you complete the mission. The first one is rather primitive – you just should go ahead, and kill anyone, who comes on your way, without thinking or granting mercy. The other way is more difficult, because here you should act secretly, as all ninjas do. The second variant is preferable, because when you kill without thinking, other patrollers may inform others about the emergency with the help of alarm, and the mission will be failed. You are free to choose any type of weapons, but you should keep in mind that there are loud guns, and quiet knives. If you don’t mind to be heard, then you are free to pick shooting weapons, and if you want to be secretly, you should take something that can’t cause alarm. Get to the desired place, and omit the patrol to become the superhero of your age!