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Tasty Blue 2

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Game information

Game title: Tasty Blue 2

Category: Games 2017
Game description:

Goldfish is a wonderful pet, unless it is overfed, and here you will know why. In Tasty Blue one nice creature was mistreated by the owner, and now it escaped to the ocean. Here it may eat anything it likes, but only it this creature doesn’t exceed the size of the goldfish. This is not an easy task, but every time the goldfish eats something tasty, it grows, and with each augmentation it may eat bigger prey. You may even grow enough to gobble a whole submarine! But here is a catch: if your pet is overfed, it may go under your control, and become really mad. Then you will need someone that will help you, and it is a super cool shark. It will help you with a crazy dolphin as well. There are three locations, and you may invite your friend to play with you. In this case you may fight to find out who of these three characters is more dangerous. You will see a story, so don’t miss a chance to find out how everything ends. Put your fingers on the keyboard, and get ready to win!