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Tomb of the Mask: Color

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Game information

Game title: Tomb of the Mask: Color

Category: Android Games
Game description:

Hey there, adventurer! Are you ready for another crazy trip? Then jump in, because this is a brand new version of your favorite Tomb of the Mask. If you remember the previous original chapter of the game, the story was the following. You are a researcher and traveler, looking for the old artifacts of a disappeared civilization. The aesthetic reminds you of Aztecs or someone like this. You are very lucky to find a mystical artifact and it is an old mask. Once you put the mask on, you realize that it gives you the magical powers – now you can walk on the ceiling and stuff. However, as you can understand, when you take the old relicts, you cannot just leave and take them home. Of course, the dark powers of defensive magic will try to keep you inside of the labyrinth forever.
In the original part, you were followed by the demons that were not very pleased about your desire to take the mask away. However, in the Color chapter everything is much calmer. Here you are just stuck inside of endless labyrinths. They never end and it seems like you are under a curse of the mask. Still, you have a chance to deal with the curse, solve the puzzles, and leave these caves. If you do, then you will surely have a chance to come back to your normal life. Well, playing the game, you will have to color all the labyrinths in different colors. Most of them are bright and neon, so this looks pretty spectacular. The game has hundreds of labyrinths, so you can play it for an eternity.