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Undertale Battle Simulator

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Game information

Game title: Undertale Battle Simulator

Category: Simulation
Game description:

The game ‘Undertale battle simulator’ is not about fights with terrible monsters or combats with sinister creatures – it is dedicated to peaceful ways of conflicts resolving. In other words, the game is a unique chance to master the art of persuasion, while playing and having fun.

Within the game, a player interacts with people and monsters, sent belowground.  The main task is to reach the finishing line without losing health indicators. The peculiar trait of the game is in plenty of dialogs between your hero and other characters. There are 2 options ‘fight’ and ‘act’ to choose. Picking the former, the hero has to do everything to diminish opponent’s health rate. As for the latter, the player can talk to a monster, pet him or even try to tame it. It is up to you whom to be a peaceful or aggressive player.