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Game information

Game title: Wildscapes

Category: Match 3
Game description:

Kids and adults alike enjoy going to the zoo. It’s a place where we can relax and gaze at unusual animals we saw only on pictures before. It’s a chance to come in contact with a piece of wildlife and get amazed at how versatile nature is. That’s why zoos will never go out of fashion, no matter how many new, hi-tech entertainments they invent. Wildscapes is your chance to say a new word in zoo management and design, all while enjoying colorful three-in-a-row levels! Each level is held in a different part of the zoo to introduce you to all its inhabitants. You will drop by at a picturesque tropical corner, with monkeys jumping on vines, long-necked giraffes and trumpeting elephants. Then you will pay a visit to tigers, ostriches, crocodiles and even penguins. The tasks and conditions of the game will vary depending on the natural environment, so you won’t get tired of monotony. Animals will help you in every way. If you don’t have a certain fruit to line up, turn to a cute monkey – it will helpfully throw you one off the palm tree. With all these features, playing is incredibly interesting! But the most exciting thing is to spend the money you earn on improving the zoo. Go to the menu and see what is there in the assortment. You will find all kinds of objects that can be installed not only in cages to make the life of animals more comfortable and fun, but also in the pedestrian zone. After all, visitors too need benches and gazebos, kiosks with cotton candy and places for selfies, cozy cafes and spectacular fountains. Over time, you will be able to acquire all this for your park and equip it as you like. There are no restrictions except your taste and imagination. And, of course, numerous missions urging you to build a certain object. For this you will receive additional rewards. As you progress, you will discover more and more species of animals. Your zoo will be constantly expanding, which means you will have to add more enclosures and make sure they are equipped according to all the rules. Herbivores need a lot of vegetation, and the animals that live near water bodies require a pool. Exotic species like a hotter climate while polar bears and seals need snow and ice. If you consider all the requirements, your charges will be healthy and happy and can even give offspring. Improve your zoo every day, buy new beautiful objects, collect happy animal families and enjoy the gameplay of Wildscapes!