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Zombie Army Games

Zombies have been a hot topic in recent years and game producers have been working hard to fill the web with all kinds of zombie shooters. If you are a fan of this genre, that is one in particular that is a shame not to give a shot to (pun intended). It’s called Zombie Army and here is what you can expect from it.

Dead Nazi marching

The game is based around the struggle with Nazi zombie. This familiar story gains stunningly vivid colors due to the marvelous visuals and brisk action. In case you hear it for the first time, here is the deal. Adolf Hitler is already standing on the edge of the abyss. He begins to understand his cause is lost and USSR will soon knock on the gates of Berlin. So he decides it’s time to try plan B and set some occult technologies in motion. Using a mysterious artifact, he raises a whole army of the walking dead that start fighting on his side. Europe is swept by a massive wave of hellish creatures. Facing a common threat, people that used to be enemies unite to fend off the for much worse than anything they’ve encountered before. The new group of heroes consists of soldiers from all over the world – there are guys from Germany, Russian, England and America. Together they set out into the secret bunker of Hitler himself to put an end to his evil agenda!

Time for a zombie hunt!

The cooperative element dominates in Zombie Army. The four players roam various arenas where they fight hordes of the walking dead. When they reach the end of the location, they have to deal with a powerful boss. The game strikes with its visual side. If you appreciate a nice picture no less than a great gameplay, you’ll definitely enjoy the beautiful animation of sniper shots also known as X-ray camera. This technology allows you to watch your bullet hitting the enemy and penetrating his whole body. For that you’ll have a brilliant arsenal of weapons. Each gun has its own strong and weak sides. There is a decent choice of pistols, rifles and shotguns. In addition to that, the team members are armed with dynamite, grenades, Molotov cocktails and much more. Shooting skills play an important part in the whole process. But if you think it’s been too easy so far, you can change the difficulty setting to give yourself some hardcore time with amends for distance, direction, wind and even the density of the material. There is more waiting for you in Zombie Army! So go shooting zombies and make sure Europe is finally safe!