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FIFA Mobile

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Game information

Game title: FIFA Mobile

Category: FIFA
Game description:

Meet a new version of the classic FIFA for the season of 2916-2017! It will bring you new sensations meant to make the most of the game on a mobile device. This version introduces a new gaming experience that you can study due to a detailed guidance shedding light on all previously unfamiliar aspects. Besides the updated gameplay, FIFA Mobile offers a lot of new content that will give you hours of football pleasure playing either alone or with other players. You can build your team choosing among the most celebrated players of the world league. Just imagine someone like Ronaldo or Iniesta playing in your squad! One also has to note the attack mode where you can compete with other users from all over the world using the step-by-step system.

The players primarily are on the offensive also having to defend counter-attacks from the hostile team. Thirty different leagues and the capability of a joined game are just a few of the advantages of this version. Because of these new functions you will like FIFA even more than before! And while the game has no career mode, there is a season mode where your task is to try and lead your team to the top of the ratings in any of the thirty leagues available. Aside from that, the game also includes a system of news that will keep you updated on everything that goes on in the world of football. The game features coverage of all recent soccer events, championship results and interviews right from the field. You’ll be able to enjoy plenty of mini games that will help you improve your playing skills. These small entertainments are focused on improving the ability to pass, shoot, dribble and keep the goal. Appreciate the new way of playing soccer online with FIFA Mobile!