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Gacha Life 2

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Game information

Game title: Gacha Life 2

Category: Gacha Life
Game description:

Girls like dress up titles. No wonder – these games are a perfect source of creativity and inspiration tied to the something every young lady adores. Clothes. Beautiful dresses, shiny accessories, unique elements of the wardrobe you can have an access to. In most cases, these are the perfect sets of clothes you won’t find anywhere in the real life. The fantasy of developers expands wider than opportunities of real-life designers, because you can draw literally everything, even if this is impossible to implement in the material world. There are fairy-tale characters to drees up in fantastic clothes, all kinds of fictional heroes you can imagine in such titles. So if you are a young lady fond of fashion and extremely cute characters, then this one is definitely for you. And especially – if you are an anime fan. In Gacha Life you will find a wide selection of various cuties to dress up. They are all different – some are playful, the others are shy, still others are serious or even a bit tough! You can choose the one that looks like you or the one you would like to play with.

When a character choice is made, get to the dressing process. Keep your character’s initial style in mind. For example, if you are playing with a quiet shy cutie, you can dress her in some soft sweater and sweet socks. If your choice is a bright and energetic blondie – make her a real super-star, who can shine like a star on the stage of podium. You can create an antagonist or a protagonist, which means that there are so called “light” and “dark” types of characters. The “light” ones have kind eyes and all that soft stuff in their personality traits that can be easily seen in the way they look. You are welcome to support their image and create positive heroes out of them. If you would like to create a small demon, choose a character with naughty look and that wild smile. All of them are charming and adorable! Pick the clothes that will suit one or another doll. There is a wide choice here – you can try a dress on or even a suit for tennis. Choose a hat or a bag, pick the shoes, and forget to make your chosen hero truly unique. You can create a warrior with a sword, a pop singer with a microphone, or simply a pink cat-girl. When you are done with clothes, check the story mode of the game. You can make your character a part of a visual novel, where you are going to meet other characters and have conversations with them. Build relationships and go for all kinds of adventures. The developers have prepared a number of ready-made stories for you.