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Ravenfield Mods

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Game information

Game title: Ravenfield Mods

Category: 3 Player , Multiplayer
Game description:

If you are into FPS team play, we offer you a new fascinating shooter called Ravenfield. Featuring a realistic ragdoll animation, it makes everything that happens on the screen look even more plausible and exciting. You need to take on a team of red players that are constantly getting in your way. The game offers a wide array of weapons to choose from and vehicles to drive. The graphics can’t be called very detailed, but it allows the play to enjoy their opponent’s death watching them explode into pieces. It’s up to you to pick the style you’re best at: for instance, you can go classic and simply run around shooting off your enemies one by one or get into a helicopter and launch a massive attack on the bots. The game will bring you lots of fresh emotions and even if you are new at it, developers made sure you will quickly get the hang of the basic mechanics and get absorbed into the gameplay! Launch Ravenfield right now and kill all the enemies for your team to win!