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Agony 2018

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Game information

Game title: Agony 2018

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Prepare to sneak into the world of demons and lost souls! This place is horrible: there is fire and smoke everywhere, walls are covered with sticky ooze and monsters roam all around sniffing out fresh blood, ready to attack you at the slightest sound. Danger is lurking on every step. What are you doing down here, miles below the earth surface? This is what you are to find out. Just like other martyrs here, you are stuck in this eerie labyrinth with seemingly no way out. But if you manage to overcome all the obstacles, solve the numerous puzzles you are about to encounter and collect ancient artifacts, you will meet the Red Goddess and hopefully she will give you some clues. Maybe you will find your way back to earth! To help you on your way, you have an ability to control souls of other martyrs and also posses low-tier demons. When you do that, you gain access to their unique powers and can use them to your benefit. If there are any dangerous monsters near, you can hide from them in glowing blue alcoves or simply crouch so that they don’t hear you. And if you die, you can always respawn by possessing any of the souls nearby while yours is still hovering around. Making your way through this obscure dungeon full of mortal threats won’t be easy, but you will succeed!