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Little Misfortune

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Game information

Game title: Little Misfortune

Category: Adventure
Game description:

When someone mysterious is calling you to go for a walk into dark and deep woods, so you don’t know what is going to happen next, then you cannot resist for sure. Especially, if you are a little girl – a curious small lady, always ready to go for some adventures. This little girl is actually the main character of the game called Little Misfortune and as you can see from her name, many problems and bad luck is waiting for her. She goes after a strange character and her new friend Mr. Voice. Maybe, he is a product of her lively childish imagination or maybe he is a real fairy-tale creature, who came to our world from another universe. It’s not very clear, what does he wants from her and why is she calling her to visit the woods, but there absolutely no way she can stop. Curiosity is everything and it has incredible power. Much more power than an instinct of self-preservation.

This title is connected with a well-known story about a poor crazy girl Fran Bow, who also went to the woods to find her pet. Luckily, the character of Little Misfortune looks healthier than her progenitress. Still, problems are following both of these girls. However, where there are no problems, there is no interest, so why not? The story is mostly focused on wandering, exploring, and communicating with other characters. You will meet a plenty of them here and they are so different that you will be surprised. Some are cute and kind, the others are evil. You will cooperate with animals and you have a chance to pet one or two of them. Also, you will have to meet a monster as well as your true love. You will even commit some nasty actions, which are minor crimes. Remember that the main feature of this game is that you have to take full responsibilities over your own actions. Every choice you make will have consequences in the future, so be very careful! Good luck!