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Amanda The Adventurer

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Game information

Game title: Amanda The Adventurer

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

There are plenty of great things you can find in the attic! This is a place where not only any rubbish that one of the family members once crammed in there “just in case” is stored, but also memories, entire periods of life. And if you climb into the attic to finally sort out everything that has accumulated there over the years, you can find a lot of interesting and unexpected stuff… The game Amanda The Adventurer is dedicated to one such discovery!

Mysterious TV show from your childhood

The action of the game begins when you decide to rummage through the mountains of belongings in your attic and find a recording with an old children’s TV show. You probably watched it as a child, but you don’t remember what it is about and can’t even recall the characters. Intrigued by this finding, you insert the recording into the player. An old crackling image appears on the screen – you see a little doll girl named Amanda, accompanied by a toy sheep that looks just the same. What is the first episode about? You’ll have to find out playing this game!

Go on an adventure with Amanda!

Everything that happens next is dedicated to the adventures of Amanda and her friends from the TV show on the display of that old TV set. Together with them you will go on an exciting journey through the faded scenery and the fictional world, where incredible events and discoveries await you. You have to solve puzzles, overcome difficulties and fight enemies. Will you be able to cope with all the trials and find out what awaits you at the end? Start playing Amanda The Adventurer right now and you will see everything with your own eyes!